Computational Photography (15862): 3D scanner with structured light

* Baby Yoda is from ISC Lab 💙 :)

About this project

Only using shadow and some camera calibrations, we can make 3D scanner! This project is a part of the coursework 'Computational Photography' taught by Professor Ioannis Gkioulekas. (One of the best courses that I have ever taken) There are five more projects rather than this, but I think this is very cool among them so I leave a note on my website.


The implementation steps include (1) building vertical and horizontal planes with retangular references and fixed camera, (2) video shooting with a stick and a light, (3) shadow edge estimation, (4) shadow time estimation, (5) coordinate system estimation with camera extrinsic parameters, (6) shadow line / plane calibration, and (7) finding intersection points between camera ray and shadow plane for reconstruction. More details are available on the course website assignment instruction.

* The scanned obje is from SolidKnit by Yuichi Hirose! :)

Source code

As this is a part of course projects, the source code is available upon request.

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