Nov 7: WorldPoint presentation at ISS.

Oct 31: Pantoenna presentation at UIST and Apple park. Live demo!

Oct 9: First scuba diving. Dived 10 m under Caribbean Sea 🤿

Aug 18: Wrapped up my internship at Meta Reality Labs. Amazing folks. I will miss this a lot!

Aug 4: Pantœnna is accepted to UIST23. We added an easter egg. If you find it, ping me at the conference. I will get you a coffee :)

Jul 8: Yosemite! Star catching!

May 13: Flying to Seattle. Excited to meet new people <3

May 11: Live demoed UIST work to Apple. Fulfilling moment.

Apr 27: KAIST HCIL reunion at CHI!

Apr 26: Live streamed Erwin's presentation to Yeo :)

Feb 21: OmniSense is accepted to CHI 23.

Jan 17: Got my first DSLR camera as a final project winner prize in the computational photography class!


Dec 22: Visited Willa in Chicago :) She introduced AxLab's amazing gadgets!

Nov 12: CMU UXA event 'Flavors Of HCI'. Invited speaker

Nov 1: Fun UIST! 2nd flight of my drone in States :) w/ lovely UChicago folks

Sep 29: EtherPose project is accepted to UIST.

Sep 26: FIGLAB visited Apple park. We shared a lot of demos!

Aug 16: Invited talk at University of Virginia HCI Group.

Jun 8: Invited talk at UNIST Introduction to HCI class.

May 5: Attending CHI. Reunions and new connections.

Mar 29: TriboTouch project won an Honorable Mention award (Top 5%) at CHI.

Jan 13: Invited talk at MIT HCIE Group. Awesome people and feedback.


Dec 29: Visited UVA to meet Jaeyeon, Seongkook, and Duckie.

Dec 9: Visited UCSD The Design Lab. Thank you Chen and Danilo!

Dec 6: Visited UCLA HiLab. Cool vibes, great work is going on. Inspiring! + We've got HiLab T-Shirts :)

Dec 5: Travel to California with Riku and Vimal. I am lucky to have you two.

Dec: Bye to Thiemo with Hyunsung and Yi-Hao :(

Nov 26: Thanksgiving day in Karan's place with HCII folks. You are one of the most inclusive person that I've ever known.

Nov 19: FIGLAB gathering in Craig's place. Hello again to lovely Rosie!

Oct 13: Attended CMU Nights at UIST 2021.

Sep 25: Spent Chu-Suk with Jayoung.

Sep 15: Vivian gave me a CMU tour!

Sep 9: My first submission with FIGLAB at CHI 2022. Finger crossed!

Aug 15: Fly to Pittsburgh. See you later, my family.

Aug 6: Visted KAIST again to meet Geehyuk and HCIL members. Thank you all for your supports <3

May 12: Presented my work AtaTouch. Talked with awesome researchers.

May 6: Met Youngseung at Study Group. So random place but I met an awesome HCI researcher! Looking forward to seeing your work at this CHI and our future affilications.

May 1: AtaTouch project won an Honorable Mention award (Top 5%) at CHI. Talked with awesome researchers.

April 8: We made it for UIST! Met UVR Lab folks and we virtually met Yeo. Yeo funded our dinner.

Mar 12: Good bye gift from Hye-Young. <3

Feb 12: Won Outstanding Master's Thesis award from KAIST School of Computing.


Dec 15: Master's Thesis defense. Valuable feedback from Profs Geehyuk, Juho, Uichin

Oct 21: Presented my work OddEyeCam at UIST 2020. Great talk with nice people.

Aug 4: Farewell party for graduating students at KAIST HCIL.


Feb 28: Officially joined in KAIST HCIL. Let's make big waves!

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