The Plant "Melody": An interactive metal instrument

Story behind

With Chris's recommendation, I decided to learn to weld. CMU has an excellent maker space including a welding shop and I could get a chance to take the course in Spring 2023. FIGLAB space is full of numerous artwork and some of them are welding projects from Chris and FIGLAB alumni. I like them as they refresh my mind in the lab. My motivation was to contribute my artwork to the lab space. Unlike other art projects in the lab, I wanted to make interactive artwork. This reminds me of my travel to Michigan in 2022, where I could interact with Harry Bertoia's artwork in the UMich Art Museum. Metal could be heavy and stiff. However, Bertoia gives the metals a new life in which they are designed to be bent and make sound by hitting each other. This was facinating idea to me and inspire me to copy this work for my final project.

* Harry Bertoia's original artwork in the University of Michigan Art Museum.


* wanna hear the sound of this artwork?

Designed by Daehwa